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They Reminisce Cover Photo.jpg
An audio documentary in which Donelle Boose interviews two DC based Hip Hop artists about their lives in and around Washington, DC. The artists, Head Roc and Uptown XO, discuss growing up in the city and in its surrounding suburbs, and how the…

Emancipation Day 2008 hip hop vs civil rights.mpg_snapshot_01.11.12_[2015.04.24_09.53.39].jpg
Panelist Bomani Armah, Harold Jones, Kwame Brown, Professor Griff, and Sheryl Denbo spread the word on hip hop and how it relates and differs to the Civil Rights Movement. They speak of how the generations from the Civil Rights Movement affected the…

Don Murray starts the Panel by addressing question, to Mossi K. Tull, Deidre Gantt, Kevin Anderson and Njeri Jarvis, who are regular Washingtonians passionate about their culture, community and why they feel that the African American community should…

This film is a rough cut version of filmmaker Beverly Lindsay-Johnson's Dance Party: The Teenarama Story.

Teenarama was an African-American teen dance show that aired on WOOK during the 1960s in Washington, DC.

Three highly personal riffs on the events that rocked Washington's 14th Street Corridor in the tumultuous days following the assassination of Martin Luther King. 14th Street Freestyle: 68298 was directed by Aminata Ahmadu, Nkese Essein-Ibok, Kiana…
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