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Typewriter of MMBC Pastor Wendell P Russell-Sr.jpeg
The Underwood Five was one of the most popular typewriter models from its introduction in 1901 until the proliferation of word processors and computers. This Underwood, on display in Matthews Memorial Baptist Church’s Russell Hall, was used by…

Carlos Fuentes - Man of Two Worlds.mpg_snapshot_54.16_[2015.04.01_11.17.29].jpg
Mexico City and Washington, D.C., are the backdrops for this portrait of this major figure on the contemporary Latin American and world literary scenes. Fuentes talks about the influence of Latin American writers on his writing, notably Sor Juana,…

Young writers of the Barry Farm Writers' Club perform their poetry and spoken word at a local venue. The film shows the students preparing for the event with professional writers.

This film was produced as part of the Humanities Council of…
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