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An audio documentary in which Donelle Boose interviews two DC based Hip Hop artists about their lives in and around Washington, DC. The artists, Head Roc and Uptown XO, discuss growing up in the city and in its surrounding suburbs, and how the…

This 16 page booklet accompanies the documentary film "Who's Gonna Sing Our Song." It serves as a guide for educators looking to create extra-curricular opportunities for students based on the film.

This interview with David Hickman was recorded at the Southeast Veterans' Services Center in Washington, DC.

Raised in Washington, DC, Hickman served in the United States Marines during the Vietnam War, and was in Vietnam as the U.S. Embassy…

The film follows a group called the "Dreamers" from Johnson Junior High School in Anacostia as the students connect with local storytellers, scholars, artists, and musicians to understand their past. This video is accompanied by a booklet.

In Search of Common Ground (A City Lights Success Story) is a documentary of voices, experiences, and images of African-American life in the South and in Washington. The film documents the Great Migration and reveals the common origins of many…
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