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This is a photo of Irene C. Stewart Kellogg as she displays a shirt and medal she won from the U.S. Women's Master Program in weightlifting for lifting 75 kg in the 45-49 age group.

This Sunday School journal book was passed on from Deacon Gladys McKenzie, age 105, to MMBC’s Bishop C. Matthew Hudson and Deacon Joseph Carter, in August 2012. Its entries, all handwritten in pencil, cover Sunday School classes from March 1926…

A photograph of the certificate sent to Irene Stewart Kellogg in 1991 for snatch 32.5 kg in the 45-49 age group. It certifies that she has a National Masters' Record.

A letter of congratulations from Ken McClain, the Records Chairman, of the U.S. Weightlifting Federation to Irene Stewart Kellogg for setting a new record of 75kgs in the women's 45-49 age group. It accompanied a National Masters Certificate.

A photograph of the award plaque received by Irene Stewart Kellogg in 1992 for lifting 75 kg in the 45-49 age group from the U.S. Women's Master Program of the U.S. Weightlifting Federation.
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