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This brochure and video are from an event commemorating two underappreciated African American music artists, Billy Stewart (1937-1970) and Van McCoy (1940-1978). The event included panelists who discussed their work in greater detail, along with…

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An audio documentary in which Donelle Boose interviews two DC based Hip Hop artists about their lives in and around Washington, DC. The artists, Head Roc and Uptown XO, discuss growing up in the city and in its surrounding suburbs, and how the…

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A short documentary on black musicians: Billy Stewart and Van McCoy. The film features interviewees discussing Stewart and McCoy's origins in the DC music scene, and the soul music culture of Washington, DC in the 1960s. It briefly showcases the…

The Neighborhood Farm Initiative interviewed members of Washington, DC's growing urban agriculture community to document the history of growing food in the city.

Senerchia and his wife bought a house in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington, DC…

Participants in Radio Rootz DC, a "media literacy and production program for youth," interviewed members of the Ward 1 community in Washington, DC.

Avilés, a graduate of Bell and Lincoln Multicultural High School and native of El Salvador,…

On December 1, 2012, after its third reopening, the Howard Theater organized a history day at which former performers and audience members were asked to return to the venue and record their memories. Sandra Bears, Dick Gregory, David Akers, Jimi…

Dr. Ted Shell and Professor Stanley Cowell discuss the life and works of Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington with Marilou Donahue.

Bass player of the group Simon Shaheen perform in the sanctuary in support of the "US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation."

Members of the group Simon Shaheen perform in the sanctuary in support of the "US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation."

Members of the group Simon Shaheen perform in the sanctuary in support of the "US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation."

The Chilean exile group Quilapayun performed at All Souls in March 1975. Members of the Northwest DC-based group Rumisonko sang with them.

Roy Brown, Puerto Rican musician of the New Song Movement performs in the sanctuary at All Souls Church.

Percussionist for the Simon Shaheen Palestinian music group performs in the sanctuary.

This panel discussion and performance brought together scholars and practitioners of Santería, a religion with cultural origins in West African and the Caribbean. Participants discussed the persistence of Santería as a cultural…

Though this film is meant to be a trailer for a larger future project, it offers an enlightening glimpse into the Washington, DC music scene. Newcomers to the Go-Go genre will learn about the history and culture of this unique style of music. The…

This collection of 89 images documents a program that brought the Washington National Opera into Ward 7 classrooms.

The collection includes both performer and audience images.

This audio recording features an introduction by Bryant's first manager, Berle Adams, and clips from six songs including: Love for Sale (1952), After You're Gone (1952), Runnin' Wild (1952), Indiscreet (1949), Momele (1952), You Made Me Love You…

This raw, behind-the-scenes footage of Beverly Lindsay-Johnson's Dance Party: The Teenarama Story shows singer, actress, and city councilwoman Martha Reeves preparing her narration for the film. The 18 minute clip is a unique insight into the…

The Humanities Profiled is the HCWDC's cable television show. The show is hosted by E. Ethelbert Miller, writer, historian and Chairman of the Council's Board. The Humanities Profiled airs each month on DCTV featuring people, topics and ideas that…

This footage from a Humanities Salon program features folklorist and fiddler Alan Jabbour discussing his globetrotting adventures recording fiddle music from traditional practitioners of the art. Jabbour's primary focus is Appalachia and the old…

This film is a rough cut version of filmmaker Beverly Lindsay-Johnson's Dance Party: The Teenarama Story.

Teenarama was an African-American teen dance show that aired on WOOK during the 1960s in Washington, DC.

Musical traditions and recollections of eight retired African-American railroad track laborers whose occupational folk songs were once heard on railroads that crisscross the South. They recount experiences in the segregated South, describe organized…

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A 1986 documentary examining the impact and focus gospel music has given to one family from the South. "A Singing Stream" explores the family tradition of gospel music by following the lives of Bertha Landis and her family members. The Landis…

One of the first theaters for blacks in the United States when it opened in 1910, the Howard became a focal point for culture and entertainment along the U Street corridor in its heyday. Incorporating oral history, stock footage, and stills, "Howard…
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