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Members of the Double Nickels Theatre Company perform dramatic readings of military veterans' oral histories on stage at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, DC.

The group received HCWDC funding for a similar event entitled: "Soldier's…

Fairlawn is one of the many close-knit communities East of the Anacostia River with a strong sense of history and heritage. The book uses archival and oral history sources to provide a brief sketch of the neighborhood's history and culture. A portion…

A panel of Humanities Scholars including Leasa Ferrar Fortune, Cathryn Harding, Ori Z. Soltes, with choreographer Liz Lerman, discuss Lerman's Shehechianu project. Shehechianu is a Jewish blessing spoken at special occasions, and the Dance project…

Current and former residents share their views and memories of the ever-changing Adams Morgan community of Washington DC

They Reminisce Cover Photo.jpg
An audio documentary in which Donelle Boose interviews two DC based Hip Hop artists about their lives in and around Washington, DC. The artists, Head Roc and Uptown XO, discuss growing up in the city and in its surrounding suburbs, and how the…
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