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Dr. Ionia Rollin Whipper.mpg_snapshot_13.28_[2015.04.08_12.03.32].jpg
In celebration of 75 years of providing services for young woman of color, the Dr. Ionia Rollin Whipper home, originally known as 'The Lend-A-Hand Club,' showed the important role this facility played in the Washington DC community filled with…

Miriam Rivkin was a Women's Auxiliary Air Corps recruit in 1943. Rivkin was born on July 22, 1922 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and served in the military for two years where she worked as a photographer in India.

Rivkin drew this cartoon poking fun at the…

This film provides several historical vignettes on the lives of ordinary citizens who lived in Washington, DC's downtown from the city's founding through the end of the 19th century. Topics covered include: the history of health and medicine, the…
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