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Young adults from Benning Park in Washington, DC conduct interviews with elders from their area, asking them about their experiences growing up in the nation's capitol.

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These two oral histories document the history of food systems and agriculture in Washington DC, according to personal accounts from Dennis Chestnut and Bo Luther.

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In three separate interviews, oral history is taken from war veterans, Anthony Hollis, Dr. James Jones, and John Hicks. Work is put into uncovering the vastly understudied stories of African American military veterans.

Ward 8 in Washington DC SE was one of the areas hit hardest by the crack epidemic. The community leaders featured in this film helped the area rebound from those troubled times with a passion and a purpose that they generously share with us.

The Humanities Profiled is the HCWDC's cable television show. The show is hosted by E. Ethelbert Miller, writer, historian and Chairman of the Council's Board. The Humanities Profiled airs each month on DCTV featuring people, topics and ideas that…

American Women's Resource Center interview with Thelma Fagin-Hyman and Thelma Dale Perkins who are in their senior years engage in a lively conversation about their family background, experience of segregation, and the importance of their enrollment…

In the early 1990's the Humanities Council of Washington, DC produced the Urban Odyssey series of documentaries. The installments tell the stories of historic local figures in their own words. In this episode Isaac Franck, a noted Jewish Civil Rights…
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