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Matthews Memorial’s missionary work is led by the leaders of the John T Marshall Missionary Society. In 1940, the John T. Marshall Missionary Society was organized by Pastor C. Howard Hickerson, in honor of our Founding Pastor John T. Marshall who…

The Chilean exile group Quilapayun performed at All Souls in March 1975. Members of the Northwest DC-based group Rumisonko sang with them.

All Souls children posed with a visiting delegation from the Philippines, June 7, 1931.

Sean Terry describes his trip to Ghana with the Sadiki Africa Experience. Terry is struck by the difference between what he saw in Ghana, and the negative portrayals of Africa found in the American media.

Erin Powers gives her impressions of Ghana after her trip there with the Sadiki Africa Experience. Powers compares life in Ghana with life in the United States and shares stories from the trip.

In advance of their trip to Ghana, students participating in the Sadiki Africa Experience were interviewed by Brother Ah on WPFW. The students, with their instructors, answered questions about the Sadiki program and their trip.

This panel discussion and performance brought together scholars and practitioners of Santería, a religion with cultural origins in West African and the Caribbean. Participants discussed the persistence of Santería as a cultural…

Marcus Raskin, co-founder of Washington's Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), one of the world's most progressive think tanks, talks about public policy and civil liberties in the wake of September 11, among other topics. The interview was broadcast…
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