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Capers is a one-woman show based on the stories of families at the Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg public housing projects - also known as 'Capers - in southeast DC who protested the government-funded relocation and demolition of their neighborhood. This…

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A video of the history of Full Gospel Tabernacle Church. This video features a footage of a October 17th community block party in which a woman reads church history and another offers a spoken word performance. It also includes short edited clips of…

Three highly personal riffs on the events that rocked Washington's 14th Street Corridor in the tumultuous days following the assassination of Martin Luther King. 14th Street Freestyle: 68298 was directed by Aminata Ahmadu, Nkese Essein-Ibok, Kiana…

This pamphlet, produced in honor of the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop's 40th Anniversary, explores the history of the organization through oral history interviews with past and present members. Click here to view the pamphlet.

The Church recognized the year 1971 as the Golden Year Celebration; “Hither to, hath the Lord led us”: it marked the 50th Anniversary of the Church. Always located in the Anacostia section of Southeast, Washington, DC, it has been known as the…

A member of the Cuban Marielito community on a park bench across the street from the church, 1984. The Mariel boatlift brought tens of thousands of Cuban exiles to the United States in 1980.

Miriam Rivkin as a new Women's Auxiliary Air Corps recruit in 1943. Rivkin was born on July 22, 1922 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and served in the military for two years where she worked as a photographer in India. This photo was taken by her father, J.L.…

This 41 minute documentary surveys the history of African American women authors in Washington, DC including: Jessie Fauset, Angelina Grimke, Georgia Douglas Johnson, and May Miller Sullivan.

The film is narrated by Dr. Jeanne-Marie Miller and…

This video confronts the corrosive impact of racism on the self-esteem of African Americans. The narrative focuses especially on the burden of "colorism"--the caste system that classifies blacks according to how closely their appearance conforms to a…

This image from a photo album kept by Pastor R.V. Coger and First Lady Ophelia Coger, depicts an image of church life from the 1960s. The photograph was taken from the rear of the space that is now Matthews Memorial Baptist Church's Russell Hall, the…

This video, narrated by Jenna Weissman Joselit, describes the history of the original Adas Israel Synagogue, its rediscovery, and its preservation.

This documentary film uses oral history to examine the lives of African-American Muslim women in Washington, DC primarily during the 1940's and 50's.

The narrators discuss the Muslim faith, black history in the United States, the transition from…

This documentary film uses oral history to examine the lives of African-American Muslim women in Washington, DC primarily during the 1940's and 50's. It is the second film in the series.

The narrators discuss the Muslim faith, black history in the…

This documentary, produced by the Georgetown Kiwanis Foundation, explores the life of Georgetown resident and community activist Asher L. "Al" Wheeler. Wheeler was a businessman, lawyer, politician, and real estate developer.Click Here to Access the…

All Souls children prepare relief boxes for the children of Hiroshima, Japan, 1948.

All Souls children reading and learning near bulletin boards. Age is tween to teen.

All Souls children posed with a visiting delegation from the Philippines, June 7, 1931.

All Souls Church Unitarian is an historic congregation in Washington, DC. In 2012 the church began to build an archive from its collection of photographs dating back to the 1890s. This finder's guide lists the digital file names of approximately 589…

This online exhibit and photo collection was created as part of the congregation's efforts to organize, archive, and preserve its historic photo collection. The exhibit features a narrative history, a small portion of the photo archive, and a…

All Souls children say goodbye to Religious Education Director Gabrielle, May 2012.
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