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They Reminisce Cover Photo.jpg
An audio documentary in which Donelle Boose interviews two DC based Hip Hop artists about their lives in and around Washington, DC. The artists, Head Roc and Uptown XO, discuss growing up in the city and in its surrounding suburbs, and how the…

The film follows a group called the "Dreamers" from Johnson Junior High School in Anacostia as the students connect with local storytellers, scholars, artists, and musicians to understand their past. This video is accompanied by a booklet.

Though this film is meant to be a trailer for a larger future project, it offers an enlightening glimpse into the Washington, DC music scene. Newcomers to the Go-Go genre will learn about the history and culture of this unique style of music. The…

The history of Go-Go music and the PA tape are explored through interviews with two university professors in this documentary. The scholars discuss the origins of the medium, its popularity, and potential reasons for its decline.
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