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This video examines the cultural significance of dance, slang, and fashion according to teenagers who live in the government-funded housing community of Langston Terrace. Juxtaposing history with interviews of inner-city youth, Uniting Our Youth…

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A short documentary on black musicians: Billy Stewart and Van McCoy. The film features interviewees discussing Stewart and McCoy's origins in the DC music scene, and the soul music culture of Washington, DC in the 1960s. It briefly showcases the…

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Komorebi uses the stories of mixed race and multi-ethnic Asian Americans who explain how coming from multicultural backgrounds has shaped their lives in the DC area.

The focus of this audio series is to portray how these individuals use their…

Sean Terry describes his trip to Ghana with the Sadiki Africa Experience. Terry is struck by the difference between what he saw in Ghana, and the negative portrayals of Africa found in the American media.

In advance of their trip to Ghana, students participating in the Sadiki Africa Experience were interviewed by Brother Ah on WPFW. The students, with their instructors, answered questions about the Sadiki program and their trip.

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Latin American singer Jorge Anaya helped gather these poems that came from the voices of significant political figures. The poems, reflections on Latin American life, traditions and culture, are recited to the melody of a classical guitar.


Carmen James Lane of the Humanities Council of Washington, DC, and Kenneth Carroll of the DC Writers' Corps discuss their collaborations on the Council's City Lights program. City Lights was a program that brought educational programming to residents…
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