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This a letter from Mr. B.S. Gallimore to Audrey Louise Brown. Gallimore held the possessions of Audrey Brown's father, Titus Newton Brown, who was possibly a Baptist Minister of Religion in Jamaica. Gallimore wrote this letter from Turrialba, Costa…

This is a letter of recommendation for Audrey Louise Brown written by Carrie E. Pettipher on May 15, 1936 . Pettipher was the office secretary of The National Training School for Women and Girls, Inc. run by Nannie H. Burroughs. The letter lists…

Reverend William Winston, who served as an assistant to our church Pastors for many years, wrote this letter to the wife of the late Founding Pastor John T. Marshall. Written on October 4, 1943, five years after Marshall's passing, the letter is an…
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