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Working DC is a program designed to collect and disseminate stories about the work experience in Washington, DC. Project participants collected 9 interviews and arrayed them on a "GoogleMap". All 8 District Wards were represented by the project.The…

This panel discussion and performance brought together scholars and practitioners of Santería, a religion with cultural origins in West African and the Caribbean. Participants discussed the persistence of Santería as a cultural…

Voices on 14th Street is an oral history project that looks at community activism in the Columbia Heights/Greater 14th Street neighborhood of Washington, DC after the 1968 riots that destroyed a significant portion of the housing stock in that area.…

Participants at the formation of the American Unitarian Conference were photographed on the front steps of All Souls' new, third building in 1925.

Large portrait of All Souls Children on the front steps of the church.

All Souls children posed with a visiting delegation from the Philippines, June 7, 1931.

Executive Director Laurence C. Staples (front row at left) posed with All Souls children in front of Pierce Hall, 1930. Staples held the post from 1924 to 1959.

Reverend A. Powell Davies (1944-1957) greets parishioners leaving on an Easter Sundays in the 1940's.

An All Souls Church School class in the Eaton room.

17-1948 6KidsDancing.jpg
Girls dance on the church terrace. They were participants in the interracial Community Vacation School, sponsored first by the Friends Meeting and later jointly with All Souls Church, during the summers of 1944-1950.

All Souls children prepare relief boxes for the children of Hiroshima, Japan, 1948.

The courtyard at All Souls Church in the snow.

The courtyard at All Souls Church adorned in ivy.

All Souls children reading and learning near bulletin boards. Age is tween to teen.

24-1948-PresTruman (2).jpg
President Truman with a group of men in suits and ties, on a very deteriorated slide.

25-1951-familynight038 (1).jpg
Family night, a table full of children in the cafeteria.

26-1956- youngpeoples.jpg
All Souls young people in front of church.

Happy young tweens look directly into the camera.
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