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Working DC is a program designed to collect and disseminate stories about the work experience in Washington, DC. Project participants collected 9 interviews and arrayed them on a "GoogleMap". All 8 District Wards were represented by the project.The…

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A short biographical film on Robert L. Moore. The content focuses on Moore's efforts to develop the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Northwest Washington, DC especially in the 1990s until the early 2000s.

Voices on 14th Street is an oral history project that looks at community activism in the Columbia Heights/Greater 14th Street neighborhood of Washington, DC after the 1968 riots that destroyed a significant portion of the housing stock in that area.…

This documentary explores the value and meaning of theater in the Latin American community of Washington, DC, with a special focus on the GALA Hispanic Theater in Columbia Heights.

Reverend Benjamin Chavis of the Wilmington Ten speaks in the All Souls pulpit before serving a prison term in North Carolina. Angela Davis is behind him.

Bobby Seale, Black Panther Party founder and Chicago 7 defendant, speaks to a packed sanctuary.

Reverend Benjamin Chavis of the Wilmington Ten in the pulpit at All Souls Church Unitarian.

Reverend David Eaton sits on the steps of the pulpit listening to Bobby Seale.

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Reverend David Eaton in the pulpit of All Souls Church Unitarian.

Percussionist for the Simon Shaheen Palestinian music group performs in the sanctuary.

Reverend David Eaton in the pulpit of All Souls Church Unitarian.

Reverend David Eaton in the pulpit of All Souls Church Unitarian.

Bernice Reagon of Sweet Honey in the Rock performs in the sanctuary of All Souls Church.

The Vallis twins at All Souls Church.

Sweet Honey in the Rock performs their annual concert in the sanctuary of All Souls Church

Roy Brown, Puerto Rican musician of the New Song Movement performs in the sanctuary at All Souls Church.

The Chilean exile group Quilapayun performed at All Souls in March 1975. Members of the Northwest DC-based group Rumisonko sang with them.

View of the pulpit from the balcony, with Mayor Marion Barry seated on one of the seats behind the podium.

City Council and All Souls Church member Hilda Mason demonstrates with tenants who were forced out of The Imperial, an apartment building on Columbia Road.

A member of the Cuban Marielito community on a park bench across the street from the church, 1984. The Mariel boatlift brought tens of thousands of Cuban exiles to the United States in 1980.
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