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This photo depicts several different uniforms worn by the U.S. Women's Auxiliary Army Corps during World War II.

Wearing this black and gray minister’s robe “won thousands of souls to Christ,” said Bishop C. Matthew Hudson, Jr., Senior Servant of Matthews Memorial Baptist Church. Accompanying the robe is Pastor Hudson’s first Bible used for 18 years, beginning…

Children’s Ministry white tee shirt designed for the MMBC Children’s Ministry Prayer Conference, 2011. Using scripture from I Thessalonians 5:17, “Pray without ceasing,” the tee shirt design promotes two words as acronyms to help the children learn…

Construction hat worn by Reverend Dr. John H. Kearney, Sr., Pastor, during the construction of the new 1,000-seat sanctuary and administrative building, from 1994 until its opening on Palm Sunday 1999.

The Matthews Memorial Baptist Church family has engaged in recreational fellowship through the years. The sport of bowling began in 1980 with the MMBC Mixed League. Pastor Wendell P. Russell approved a request for the Young Adult Club to have a…

MMCE choir robe (left) – In March 1978, the anniversary of the Young Adult Fellowship Choir (YAF) was renamed to the Matthews Memorial Choral Ensemble (MMCE) and the old choir robes replaced with the new robe as shown at left. Brother Nathaniel…
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