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Judge Harold Greene presided over the landmark legislative decision that fragmented AT&T's vertical monopoly in the 1980s, but he was also a strong advocate for civil rights throughout his career. This documentary examines Judge Greene's life and…

Three highly personal riffs on the events that rocked Washington's 14th Street Corridor in the tumultuous days following the assassination of Martin Luther King. 14th Street Freestyle: 68298 was directed by Aminata Ahmadu, Nkese Essein-Ibok, Kiana…

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Reverend C. C. Hung was a community activist who labored for nearly fifty years to bring together the city's fragmented Chinese community. His ministry at the Chinese Community Church, beginning in 1935 and continuing into the 1980s, did much to meet…

For Love and For Life places the 1987 March on Washington in perspective among the major political events of our times. It recounts how the events were organized, and creates all the immediacy of being there. This exciting presentation explores all…

From Swastika to Jim Crow reveals the little-known story of German refugee scholars who were expelled from their homeland by the Nazis and found new lives at the historically Black colleges in the American South.

The Humanities Council funded a…

Lillian Evans Tibbs was born in Washington in 1891, a time when no woman of color sang professionally in the opera, anywhere in the world. This video traces the life of the remarkable woman who reinvented herself as Madame Evanti and broke the color…

James Forman, PhD. and the Cultural Center for Social Change presented this program that dramatized the Mississippi Civil Rights activities of 1964 in performance and song at the Mt. Vernon College Campus in Northwest DC.

Local performers covered…

In celebration of Black History Month, the Greater New Hope Baptist Church invited DC area men's choral and popular music groups to perform songs of praise. This film documents those performances.

Freedom On My Mind vividly chronicles this complex and compelling history of the Mississippi voter registration struggles of 1961 to 1964: the interracial nature of the campaign, the tensions and conflicts, the fears and hopes. It is the story of…

This compilation of historic news-reel footage documents the historic marches from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery, Alabama, and the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom during which Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his "I have a Dream" speech on…

In the early 1990's the Humanities Council of Washington, DC produced the Urban Odyssey series of documentaries. The installments tell the stories of historic local figures in their own words. In this episode Isaac Franck, a noted Jewish Civil Rights…

Nannie H. Burroughs was a prominent African American civil rights activist and a continuing champion for women's rights. Burroughs's long career focused on improving educational opportunities for African-American women, an essential tool for…

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Panelist Bomani Armah, Harold Jones, Kwame Brown, Professor Griff, and Sheryl Denbo spread the word on hip hop and how it relates and differs to the Civil Rights Movement. They speak of how the generations from the Civil Rights Movement affected the…

The Road to Brown tells the story of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling as the culmination of a brilliant legal assault on segregation that launched the Civil Rights movement.

The film highlights each of the major cases argued by notable…

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At a two-day forum at the Thurgood Marshall Center, Joan Browning, a Freedom Rider who grew up in Georgia, 64, and Reginald Green, who was preparing for the ministry at Virginia Union before he joined the Freedom Riders, 68, gathered with two other…

This documentary from filmmaker Steven Nero reveals the importance of DC's Greyhound Bus Station as an important part of Civil Rights history. It was from this station that the Freedom Rides began; testing the governments will and ability to uphold…

Georgetown, in the early 1900's, was an important center of black commerce and community, where doctors, entrepreneurs, and artists lived in close proximity. This documentary film, produced in part by Georgetown University, examines the…

Miles of Smiles Years of Struggles.mpg_snapshot_19.37_[2015.04.06_11.45.23].jpg
In the 1920s, Pullman Railroad was famous for the personal, elegant service delivered by their sleeping car porters. Known for their kindness, dignity, and smiles, the porters worked long hours, earned low wages, and had no job security. Miles of…

Reverend Benjamin Chavis of the Wilmington Ten speaks in the All Souls pulpit before serving a prison term in North Carolina. Angela Davis is behind him.

Bobby Seale, Black Panther Party founder and Chicago 7 defendant, speaks to a packed sanctuary.

Reverend Benjamin Chavis of the Wilmington Ten in the pulpit at All Souls Church Unitarian.

Reverend David Eaton sits on the steps of the pulpit listening to Bobby Seale.

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Reverend David Eaton in the pulpit of All Souls Church Unitarian.

Reverend David Eaton in the pulpit of All Souls Church Unitarian.

Reverend David Eaton in the pulpit of All Souls Church Unitarian.
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