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Humanities Profiled was a regular TV show produced by the Humanities Council on which grantees discussed recent projects and their intended impacts on Washington, DC.

In this episode, Nick Hollis discusses the James Wormley Recognition Project; a…

My Movie 2.mpg_snapshot_54.42_[2015.04.28_16.10.37].jpg
The Humanities Profiled Busboys and Poets owner, artist and activist, Andy Shallal on the HCWDC's cable television show. The show is hosted by E. Ethelbert Miller, writer, historian and Chairman of the Council's Board. The Humanities Profiled airs…

Pinkett 3 30 .jpg
In this image, Flaxie Pinkett is seated outdoors. She is in her mid-30's during the height of her career as a real estate entrepreneur in Washington, DC.

Pinkett Family Father.jpg
This image depicts John Pinkett, Jr. in the 1930s. Pinkett was a noted Washington, DC business man, aviator, and the father of Flaxie Pinkett.

Pinkett Business.jpg
Front Cover of a Corporate Booklet about the John R. Pinkett real estate and insurance corporation.

Pinkett and father .jpg
John R. Pinkett, Sr. pictured with his daughter Flaxie Pinkett, to whom he bequeathed his successful real estate and insurance corporation. Under Flaxie Pinkett, the business continued to flourish, and she became a successful entrepreneur in her own…

Pinkett Career .jpg
This portrait of Flaxie Pinkett was taken while she headed the successful John R. Pinkett real estate and insurance corporation of Washington, DC.

Pinkett Legacy.jpg
This is a color image of noted Washington, DC businesswoman and civil rights activist late in her career.

This panel discussion featuring representatives from three prominent U Street businesses and was moderated by Blair Ruble, author of Washington's U Street: a Biography. The panelists were Nizam Ali of Ben's Chili Bowl, Richard Lee of Lee's Flower…

In this documentary film, several chefs of Spanish and Latin American descent, talk about their passion for their work and its connection to their culture.
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