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This horseshoe was awarded to Staff Sergeant Shejal Pulivarti from her command team within the United States Army 1st Cavalry Division.

The horseshoe is accompanied by a brief description of the award and the 1st Cavalry Division.

This collection of four medals awarded to William Opferman includes a United Nations medal awarded for service in the Korean War from 1950-1951, a medal awarded for service in the Vietnam War issued by the Vietnamese government, a medal issued by the…

This Vietnam Service Medal Was awarded to Bill Opferman. Opferman, born on September 10, 1929, served in the military from 1948-1969.

This Korean War service medal was awarded to William Opferman in 1952. Opferman, born on September 10, 1929, served in the military from 1948-1969.

The late Sister Denise Trudo, daughter of Brother Hollis and Sister Erma Trudo used this gown when she graduated from the American Association of Christian Counselors on May 21, 2003. Her course of study,“Caring for People God’s Way.” Upon…

The late Sister Grisella Ann Murphy served as an MMBC usher for many years. She also served as President of the Flower Club for more than 30 years. A 1985 plaque recognized her outstanding service in that capacity. One of Sister Murphy’s remaining…

This trophy represents a successful bowler who competed and won in a 1986 competition. Malinda Ellerbe won First Place in the Bowling League. At the end of the season’s bowling program, some of first-time bowlers—male and female—won trophies such as…
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