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This film, produced for the 2014 DCCHP Showcase event, highlights the grantee projects produced during the cycle. The showcase was held at Wilson High School in Ward 3.

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This is a brochure created by the Bloomingdale Civic Association that describes the social and architectural history of the Bloomingdales neighborhood. Its primary structure is a timeline composed through the compilation of data from history books,…

This television show highlights recipients of the DC Community Heritage Project grant. The grant is given for projects that examine the history of Washington's neighborhoods, history and culture.

This episode features Hillsdale Past and Present,…

This website uses census data, photos, and maps to reconstruct the history of every historic structure in the Truxton Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. Users browse the site by square. The project includes a brochure meant to help users navigate…

This full National Park Service National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form was created by the Tenleytown Historical Society in an effort to get several historic properties included on the Register. The document includes…

Students at John Eaton Elementary school conducted a historical study of their school and its neighborhood that included oral history interviews, archival research, and an investigation of historic architecture. The instructors who developed the…
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