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Produced by filmmaker Tendani Mpulbusi, this documentary explores the rich history of the Barry Farm community within Anacostia, Washington, DC. Additionally, the film questions the standard historical narrative taught in present-day public schools…

Pinkett Legacy.jpg
This is a color image of noted Washington, DC businesswoman and civil rights activist late in her career.

This film is a rough cut version of filmmaker Beverly Lindsay-Johnson's Dance Party: The Teenarama Story.

Teenarama was an African-American teen dance show that aired on WOOK during the 1960s in Washington, DC.

This 2009 documentary was produced by the Washington, DC Office of Cable Television to commemorate DC Emancipation Day. The film is a stirring account of African-American history from the colonial period through the Civil-Rights era.

Pinkett and father .jpg
John R. Pinkett, Sr. pictured with his daughter Flaxie Pinkett, to whom he bequeathed his successful real estate and insurance corporation. Under Flaxie Pinkett, the business continued to flourish, and she became a successful entrepreneur in her own…

Pinkett 3 30 .jpg
In this image, Flaxie Pinkett is seated outdoors. She is in her mid-30's during the height of her career as a real estate entrepreneur in Washington, DC.

Howard University Image.jpg
Founder's Library at Howard University is one of the institution's most recognizable structures. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

One of the first theaters for blacks in the United States when it opened in 1910, the Howard became a focal point for culture and entertainment along the U Street corridor in its heyday. Incorporating oral history, stock footage, and stills, "Howard…

In Search of Common Ground (A City Lights Success Story) is a documentary of voices, experiences, and images of African-American life in the South and in Washington. The film documents the Great Migration and reveals the common origins of many…

Pinkett Business.jpg
Front Cover of a Corporate Booklet about the John R. Pinkett real estate and insurance corporation.

Pinkett Family Father.jpg
This image depicts John Pinkett, Jr. in the 1930s. Pinkett was a noted Washington, DC business man, aviator, and the father of Flaxie Pinkett.

This video interview with Lauretta Jackson was recorded in three parts by the Robert and Mary Church Terrell House and LeDroit Park Museum. Ms. Jackson recounts the history of LeDroit Park throughout the time of her occupation there including: her…

Pinkett Career .jpg
This portrait of Flaxie Pinkett was taken while she headed the successful John R. Pinkett real estate and insurance corporation of Washington, DC.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church was organized in 1879 by Alexander Crummel. The church was the first independent black Episcopal parish in Washington, DC. This video, produced in 2009, uses oral history, historic photographs, choral music, and recent…

The 2010 Terrell Forensic Challenge saw DC area high school and university students debating the merits and limitations of vocation and college preparatory study for African-American youth. The classic question reflects the ideologies of Booker T.…

The program surveys the life of E.B. Henderson the "Grandfather of Black Basketball," and the rise of African-American basketball in Washington, DC in the early 20th century. Born in Washington, DC, Henderson earned a degree in physical education…

This documentary explores the founding and the impact of the New School for Afro-American Thought founded by Gaston Neal and Don Freeman. The school, founded in Washington, DC, sought to teach black youth about their pre-slavery roots in African…
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