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This documentary interviews creators and supporters of murals and public art in Washington, DC's Latin America communities. Interviewees explain the importance of public art including its ability to document the past, preserve culture, and create a…

Current and former residents share their views and memories of the ever-changing Adams Morgan community of Washington DC

Working DC is a program designed to collect and disseminate stories about the work experience in Washington, DC. Project participants collected 9 interviews and arrayed them on a "GoogleMap". All 8 District Wards were represented by the project.The…

The booklet provides information for Adams Morgan residents wishing to improve their historic properties. It includes information on how to tell if a property is in a historic district, and what steps must be taken with the DC government to alter…

The film depicts the 2008 DC Community Heritage Project grantee showcase. The event featured keynote speakers Brian Joyner, David Maloney, Joy Ford Austin, and Patsy Fletcher, and showcased several DCCHP projects from the 2008 grant cycle.

After immigrating to Washington from El Salvador in 1982, Carmen Monaco became a grassroots organizer and teacher in the Latino neighborhoods of Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant. Her efforts helped newly arrived residents establish a sense of place and…

This video includes two distinct segments. The first is a German TV segment for 3-Deutschland, and the second is an interview with Rainer Splitt and Timo Kahlen.

The film is labeled "District of Columbia Arts Center QRG Submittal," and lists an…
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