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A young Washingtonian's video reflection on the importance of the city's culture, history, and historic sites. It features brief comments and reflections from historians, students, and various other community members on Black Georgetown.

This mixed media piece reflects the unspoken code used by slaves seeking freedom on the Underground Railroad. The piece depicts good fortune, where friendly Native American populations may be found, protection, and the nearby presence of the…

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Sister Imogene F. Gilbert’s matriarchal family is traced to the famous “Escape on the Pearl” history. Shown in this framed photograph are her great-grandmother Emily Edmonson, who was a slave ; grandmother Fannie; mother Cecilia,…

This 2009 documentary was produced by the Washington, DC Office of Cable Television to commemorate DC Emancipation Day. The film is a stirring account of African-American history from the colonial period through the Civil-Rights era.

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"Free Communities as Emancipators", a lecture by Patsy Fletcher is one of a series of lectures for the Emancipation Week Commemorative Celebration 2006. She gives insight on how slaves transitioned to the free world as landowner, educators and…

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Dr. C.R. Gibbs spoke on April 11, 2006 at the University of the District of Columbia, 4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Main Auditorium, Building 46 and discussed the Structures and Forces of Slavery, Abolition and Resistance to Slavery, The District of…

Enslaved Labor and the Capital.mpg_snapshot_03.49_[2015.04.06_16.58.02].jpg
Enslaved Labor and the Capital, a lecture by Felicia Bell, is one of a series of lectures for the Emancipation Week Commemorative Celebration 2006. Bell using images of old documents in her presentation to show how slave owners addressed their…
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